What is the formula for a magical wedding?

Hello! Today I want to know your thoughts: what is a magical wedding for you? Well, I'm a wedding photographer since 2015 and I have seen lot's of different types of weddings and couples. I think I have found a "formula" for a magical wedding. Obviously the first thing is LOVE! Love make's the most simple celebration in something huge and magical.

Second thing is the place: what is the perfect venue for you? Sometimes the perfect venue is not having one at all: what about getting married with just a few guests in the beach, or in a forest? Sounds beautiful. But also, there are some couples that love a big fancy party! No problem!

What makes a wedding magical is precisely this: do it the way YOU BOTH WANT! Your wedding must have your style. The guests when arrive must say "Oh, this is just like you". Just put your soul in it, even if it's unusual, different or even old fashioned. Why not?

Your personality and soul must be in every detail, it not hard to do it! Seek help with professionals who can get to know you and make your dream come true.

I got marries myself and it was all the way I wanted to be. I got married in flat sandals, hippie dress and at home! One day I post my wedding photos for you guys to see. hahaha <3

What is a magical day for you?

Let me know in the coments bellow.

Are you getting married in Portugal or in Europe? Let me know! It would me a pleasure to photograph your wedding. CLICK HERE for more information: https://www.marianagamaphotography.com/wedding

xoxo, Mariana.

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