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Hello again!

Today I would like to share a bit of what inspires me and what drives me. First I need to present myself: well, you all know already that my name is

Mariana Gama, and I am a Wedding Photographer here in Lisbon, Portugal. Yes, I’m sure a few of my readers already know that. haha

Well, I always loved so much classical movies, literature and music and I also always knew, actually I was always CERTAIN that my path would be through the art world, it was always running in my veins. At the age of 18 I did my first photography lessons, it was simutainly with my drawing lessons, well… I left the drawing and kept the photography. I’m not that old, but the classes I took were all in Analogic and we learned to develop and to photograph ALL MANUALLY!! No digitals and no deleting pictures! hahah yesss, I loved the fact that I learned from the basics. When I turned 19 years old I started Uni, Fine Arts Education in Brazil (I’m from northeastern Brazil, hot weather and beaches). During Uni times I experimented allot, especially with LOMOGRAPHY (You don't know what is it? Click here!). I love dreamy colors, grains, vintage, old… hum, just like the classical movies and literature that I love so much.

I moved to Portugal in 2013 to study photography, Masters in Multimedia Arts in FBAUL (Lisbon). It was everything so nice, I read allot and researched allot, but eventually I was missing a bit of action. I Started also a PhD. program in Art History, well that was too much for me, I dropped it and started photographing people, that’s my passion! One day maybe I might come back to finish my Phd, but not now for sure. hahah

Well, in 2015 I photographed my first wedding, it was awesome! I loved it and still love it so much today. I’m that kind of person who cries and get emotional just like an old friend of the couple. Some of them also became friends of mine!!

Well, I was working with what I love to do, living in an beautiful city such as Lisbon. But I always felt a bit insecure about my aesthetics, a bit afraid of showing what I actually liked to do and how to edit and direct my work. Finally, after a lot of self analysis and in a meditation moment while I was uploading new photos to my website I decided that I wanted everything to be just THE WAY I AM. I want everything regarding my work to have my personality. I decided I want people to see my work and know that It is my work! You know what I mean? Did you ever felt like this? It was wonderful to accept myself this way and to assume my art and my history. I’m also sure that when we are exactly who we are, we attract clients that would easily be our friend.

So, after all this I would like to share with you some photos from past weddings that I edited again, assuming my aesthetics and myself. Hope you all like it.

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