Mariana Gama | Ensaios em Lisboa

Photo Shooting in Lisbon, Portugal.

For other places, please contact me 

Traveling is so good and some trips are unforgettable, and I needn't even say that taking a photo shoot will eternalize your trip beyond memory. I am always available to help travelers organize everything for rehearsal day.


Tell me a little about the trip and who will rehearse with you if it is any special date or if you come with the full family. The more I know about your story, the easier it is to help you organize everything right.

PhtoTime  X  Number of Photos

1 hour

1 hour photo shoot, approximately 50 high resolution edited photos.

2 hours

2 hours photo shoot, approximately 100 high resolution edited photos.

3 hours

3 hours photo shoot, approximately 150 high resolution edited photos.

Photo Shooting+ Tuk tuk

1 hour 30 minutes of photo shoot, approximately 120 high resolution edited photos.

Liked? Did you choose the best trial option? And now how do you book the date?


Contact us or Whats App with your dates, make the reservation payment of 30 € via paypal and voila! Your essay is reserved.


Do you have any doubt? Ask me that I will be happy to answer you!

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