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Photo Shooting in Lisbon, Portugal

Hello, my name is Mariana Gama, I´m a wedding, lifestyle and award winning photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal.

I live in Lisbon, a city that 6 years ago I decided to call home. I have a degree in Visual Arts and carry with me a background of many exhibitions and participations in the Brazilian art scene.


But the most important thing in my background is the emotion and delicacy I look for in each photo!


In addition to photography, I have three more passions: my son, my husband, and Bartók, our dog.

I love coffee, pasteis de nata, art history, music and my family. I would love to hear from you, please let me know a bit more about yourself "<3

In Lisbon, Portugal

Registering the happiest moments, with the best point of view!



Traveling is so good and some trips are unforgettable, and I needn't even say that taking a photo shoot will eternalize your trip beyond memory.

Tourist itinerary

I have some predefined scripts, but I always try to customize the essay to fit both your family dynamics and your tastes. Tell me a little about the trip and who will rehearse with you if it is any special date or if you come with the full family.


Proposal and artistic bias:

In addition to the record of travel and sights, turning the photo into art is my specialty!


Photos are edited one by one, specific, light and technical attention is required for perfect editing

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